When a sewer line backs up into your home, it causes damage to your property and jeopardises the health and
A patio is one of the most joyful additions to your home. It can completely transform your garden into a 
It’s always important to maintain a clean exterior of a building, whether that building is your home or your place
The hallmark of a good, reputed and trusted company - be it in any field or sector - is their
What is Accreditation? Just in case you didn’t know, accreditation is an independent, third-party evaluation of a place of business
Token Cleaning recently completed a cleaning project on the eye-catching granite paving at Stratford. Working on behalf of award winning
For many construction companies, the main goal is satisfying the immediate needs to have a service delivered. Seeing as your
Your patio and path areas are central features in your garden, which is why it’s so important to clean them
The majority of people may not realise the importance of keep their roof clean. To be honest it’s not all
How bad are your roots? If you haven't managed to get to the hairdresser or barbers since the start of