Do you check on how clean property is before checking its market value? Tidiness is essential in ensuring a home
Whether the colourful world of graffiti should be viewed as art or vandalism is a matter of dispute among the
When a sewer line backs up into your home, it causes damage to your property and jeopardises the health and
A patio is one of the most joyful additions to your home. It can completely transform your garden into a 
It’s always important to maintain a clean exterior of a building, whether that building is your home or your place
The hallmark of a good, reputed and trusted company - be it in any field or sector - is their
What is Accreditation? Just in case you didn’t know, accreditation is an independent, third-party evaluation of a place of business
Token Cleaning recently completed a cleaning project on the eye-catching granite paving at Stratford. Working on behalf of award winning
For many construction companies, the main goal is satisfying the immediate needs to have a service delivered. Seeing as your
Your patio and path areas are central features in your garden, which is why it’s so important to clean them