Patios, stone paving areas, and driveways are perfect breeding grounds for a recurring problem we face annually. These areas and
Does your roof look old and worn out for its age? Is it covered in algae, lichen or moss?  
Brick and stone cleaning to increase property value
A first impression is difficult to get over, and that goes for buildings as well as people. Giving a good
Example of steam cleaning
We use a variety of brick and stone cleaning methods to clean all types of surfaces without causing damage. We
Token Cleaning - what is the real cost of chewing gum
Councils have reported that the removal of chewing gum is costing them more than £60 million a year. More than
Blocked drains can be a nightmare. When drains aren’t working properly, it’s not long before property damage can occur. As
Graffiti can cause damage to delicate or decorated surfaces. Possibly giving the appearance of being run down, even threatening, it
Bricks are one of the world’s most sturdy building materials. A popular choice when constructing a property or landscaping, it
Everyone wants a well-maintained and aesthetically-pleasing driveway. The first thing that visitors see, there’s nothing better than a clean drive.
Everyone wants a durable and visually-attractive pavement – whether it’s on your driveway or pathway. A key feature that visitors