Are You Ready For Summer? Book Your Spring Clean Up Early

POSTED BY Terry Carney ON April 20, 2022

Is your home summer ready? There’s nothing worse than getting into the summer months with a house exterior still dirty from winter. The external appearance of your home can significantly impact the perception of your property and a dirty home can even affect its value. Here’s how to get your home summer ready with a spring clean up.

Why Should I Care About The Exterior Of My House?

The exterior of your house is the first thing a potential neighbour, house buyer, or even friend sees when they enter the property. When you’re hosting it’s an indication that you care about cleanliness in your home. When you’re selling it’s even more important as a clean exterior can put the buyer at ease and give them a positive perception of your property right from the outset.


Invest In Patio Cleaning

Over time, brick or stone patios can become dirty, with mould build-up and debris ruining your investment. You can restore your garden to its former glory by refreshing the space with a patio clean. High pressure washing can even remove oil and gum from patios, removing those difficult eyesore stains and making them ready for your summer barbeque. Spring cleaning your patio is far cheaper than investing in new stones and bricks, and can make your patio seem good as new.

Refresh Your Pathways

Are your pathways looking a little overgrown? The longer your pathway goes uncleaned, the more likely it is that you will eventually need to replace the path completely. Pathways can help to create definition in your garden, and path cleaning can save you money on costly repairs in the future. If you want to upgrade your garden this summer, a simple path cleaning alongside some new plants can completely transform an outdoor space.

Brick Cleaning



Are the external walls of your home looking dirty? With brick cleaning, you can restore the fresh look of your home ready for the summer months. JOS and TORC cleaning methods are even suitable for heritage buildings, with a gentle cleaning method that removes dirt, mould and even graffiti from external walls.

Window Cleaning

Your windows are the eyes of your home. You can clean up your entire garden only for your dirty windows to let you down. Don’t let your windows ruin your clean summer exterior. Invest in window cleaning services to help clean your windows, conservatory, PVC windows, frames and doors. You’ll thank yourself for the investment in summer when you’re hosting your first event or even having potential buyers come and look at the property.

Don’t Miss Your Spring Clean

Token Cleaning Services offers a spring clean up to make the exterior of your home summer-ready. Don’t miss out as spaces are booking up fast already. Contact us today for your free quote and consultation on the best way to upgrade your home exterior ready for summer. We’ll be able to offer expert advice on how to upgrade the exterior of your property whether you’re looking to sell, or simply make the most of your garden this summer.