A clean property is not just appealing but also safe and healthy to live in. If you are planning to clean the outside of your property, the conventional scrubbing by hand or use of chemicals is outdated and could be dangerous. Even if brick paving and external walls are easy to maintain, they still require regular and effective cleaning to maintain their appeal. When it comes to cleaning your property, there are two main options that you can consider: pressure washing and steam cleaning.

Pressure washing entails passing water through a restricted nozzle that makes the water come out at high pressure. The cleaning power comes from this pressure, regardless of the water temperature. On the other hand, steam cleaning focuses on a very high temperature.

Benefits of Steam or Pressure Washing

Less harmful

Steam cleaning provides the ideal solution for dirt and grime removal and regular stone or brick cleaning. You will get a clean surface with minimal damage or interference. Steam cleaning only contains high-temperature water. Therefore, it is much safer compared to standard cleaning techniques that involve using harsh chemicals and other ingredients that, when used incorrectly, could damage your property.

Protects your property

Using steam to clean your property helps to protect the property and maintain it. Using hot water prevents bacterial growth and mould development. The hot water destroys spores, which helps delay the regrowth of algae and moss. Therefore, using steam for brick or stone cleaning ensures that your building remains in good condition and protects it from damage by external factors.

Retain the beauty of your property

The development of ugly stains from dust, mould, and mildew may leave your property looking tired and unattractive. However, steam or pressure washing can help to restore the beauty of your property. With these cleaning methods, you can reach any part of the property and remove the accumulated dirt.  You will be able to maintain the appeal of your property, including the exteriors, driveways, and parking space.

Keeping you and your family safe

The accumulation of dirt, mould, algae, and other allergen materials in your property will not only affect the appearance of your property but could also cause illnesses. Staying in a healthy environment free from allergens fosters maximum comfort and productivity.

Preparing surfaces to be worked on

While preparing surfaces on your property for refinishing or painting, it is often important to clean them first. Steam and pressure washing is the best way of cleaning these surfaces. You will effectively clean hard-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices. This cleaning technique is more effective when preparing surfaces for renovation.

In conclusion we believe that not steam or pressure cleaning your property could cause more problems and damage from the debris, mould, moss and algae. A great way to avoid any potential problems from DIY cleaning of your property is to call in the experts.

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