Natural stone is a popular building material for many reasons. Some of these reasons are practical and some are aesthetic. If stone is to keep functioning and looking its best, it needs appropriate care. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to some of the types of stone commonly used in construction and how to care for them.


Granite is famous for its strength.  It can be the only choice for places with extreme weather conditions. Possibly the most famous example of this is the city of Aberdeen in Scotland. For most of the year, the city has deep cold, high winds, and heavy rains, but it also gets very hot in summer. It’s therefore constructed almost entirely out of granite.

Granite is also prized for its beauty. It’s often used to create interior design features, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.  Again, these are places that can have extreme conditions and hence benefit from the use of a robust stone.


Sandstone is a popular building material because it is easy to work with but still fairly robust. That said, sandstone is vulnerable to erosion. This is typically due to the effects of water and/or wind. This means that it’s unsuitable for use in places with particularly harsh weather. It also means that it needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned with suitable care by a professional cleaning company.


Gritstone is basically a particularly robust form of sandstone. It is one of the more durable forms of sandstone but essentially needs the same treatment.


Like sandstone, limestone is easy to work with. When properly worked, it’s very durable although it can be susceptible to modern pollutants especially acid.  These days, limestone tends to be used for applications such as tiling rather than for exterior walls.

The exception to this is if a builder wants a construction to develop an aged appearance very quickly. This could be because an older building is being extended or because the building is in a historic area. Limestone is highly prized in these situations because it develops an aged patina very quickly.

Like sandstone, limestone needs regular maintenance and suitable cleaning to keep it in top condition by a professional cleaning company.

Other stones

Many other types of stone are used in construction. They can be used on their own or to make other building materials such as brick, concrete, and tiles. Each type needs appropriate maintenance and care. For example, brick cleaning can be very different from regular stone cleaning.

Stonework Aftercare

Whatever type of stonework you have, it’s important to implement a regular schedule of appropriate stone cleaning. This isn’t just so that it stays looking good, although that is a clear benefit. It’s also to prevent dirt from either causing or hiding damage.

Graffiti is a special hazard. The presence of graffiti can act as a lure to vandals. At best, this could lead to more graffiti. At worst, it could lead to further vandalism. This means that graffiti removal should always be seen as a top priority.

With any form of stone cleaning, it’s important to take the right approach for both the type of stone and the type of dirt. This could mean wet blasting, grit blasting, steam cleaning, or JOS and TORC cleaning. A reputable stonework cleaning company will be able to guide you on this.

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Façade cleaning is something that homeowners and business owners across the world should pay close attention to because it can be highly transformative when it comes to the way your home or business premises look. These days it has become more important than ever to have an aesthetically pleasing property to be proud of, and there are so many benefits that come with this.

So, it is important for you to take steps that will help you look after your building as well as you possibly can – façade cleaning is a great way of doing this. So, these are some of the key reasons why you need to make sure you keep your building presentable. Here are some of the key things to know about facade cleaning, why it’s important, and why you need to ensure you hire professionals to help you.

What is Façade cleaning?

Façade cleaning refers to the process of keeping the exterior of your property looking as clean as possible. Improving the aesthetic appeal of the building is important by getting rid of dirt, grime, and stains as much as possible. Brick cleaning is essential to protect brickwork and ensure its longevity. Cleaning the exterior of your property disposes of any dirt/grit/moss and other materials. This a can be done using various methods, from wet blasting to grit blasting, JOS and TORC cleaning and steam cleaning.

Why is Façade Cleaning Important?

There are plenty of reasons why façade cleaning is important:

  • Removes unsightly debris, dirt, most and stains
  • Increases the longevity of your brickwork
  • Improves the look of your property
  • Increases Curb Appeal

Why You Need to Bring in the Pros

If you are serious about keeping your property looking great, then you need to make sure you bring in experts, like Token Cleaning Services. Token Cleaning Services is a premier cleaning company with a fully-equipped fleet of vehicles, and a team available 24/7. We can promptly provide professional cleaning services that include brick and stone cleaning, drain cleaninggraffiti removal, steam cleaning and window cleaning services for commercial, industrial and domestic clients as required.

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Patios, stone paving areas, and driveways are perfect breeding grounds for a recurring problem we face annually. These areas and surfaces gather a build-up of an unpleasant green substance which is not only an eyesore, but it also becomes slippery and dangerous.

In most cases, your patio area is turning green from the growth of algae, lichens, liverworts, and moss. These tend to grow in the shade when the weather is damp and cool.

Fortunately, this a naturally occurring issue that has a relatively easy fix.


Algae are most likely the source of the green colour that appears on your patio. It is a wet, almost jelly-like substance.


Lichens appear on surfaces like timber as well as paving and stone. They are dryer than algae and look leaf-like or crusty.


Liverworts are green in colour and appear like flattened plants with no leaves.


The most commonly known of the four, moss is soft, dense, and green in colour. It often covers hard surfaces like walls, patios, and driveways.

Are algae, lichens, liverworts, or moss dangerous?

For the most part, algae, lichens, liverworts, and moss that appear on your outdoor surfaces do not pose health hazards. However, they should never be ingested, and you should wash your hands if you come in direct contact with some.

The main danger they pose is their ability to make a surface slippery.

How Can I remove Algae from my patio?

Algae, lichens, liverworts, and moss are relatively easy to remove. They do not permanently stain or damage the surfaces that they live on. Here are some practical solutions for removing them:

Use a yard brush

Use a yard brush with wire bristles to remove the green build-up. If the bristles don’t reach through cracks or gaps, try using a knife or flat object to clear out those hard to reach areas.

Pressure wash the area

Use a pressure washer or other outdoor cleaning methods (wet blasting, grit blasting, JOS and TORC cleaning) to remove the algae, lichens, liverworts, and moss. This should effectively remove the green staining also.

Ensure that you properly drain the area, as failure to do so will result in another build-up of algae and moss.

Hire professionals

Professional cleaning services such as Token cleaning deal with this type of issue daily. They have the equipment, tools, and expertise to clean your stained surfaces with ease.


Token Cleaning - before and After Patio Clean

Before and after cleaning treatment


How do I prevent further build-up of Algae

Effective drainage

Try to avoid water and moisture from stagnating on surfaces. Water can be a catalyst for the growth of most algae and moss.

Brush regularly

Regularly brushing your patio with a wired or firm brush can prevent another build up of algae.

Use the right weedkiller

Consult your local hardware store or garden centre for expert advice on what weedkiller you should use. As a rule of thumb, most patio and surface cleaners will help with the removal of algae, lichens, liverworts, and moss, but repeat use is necessary to keep them at bay.



Bricks are one of the world’s most sturdy building materials. A popular choice when constructing a property or landscaping, it can last for 100’s of years – if it’s maintained correctly of course. Many think that bricks will last without any maintenance, but to retain its structure, there are a few things that you should do.

Whether it’s a patio, pavement, wall or driveway, brickwork might seem like a struggle to maintain. But don’t worry, there are plenty of methods that you can use to revitalise and maintain the look of it. Guaranteeing that it endures for many years to come, the following methods could be used in conjunction with one another:

Mortar Pointing 

If you’ve noticed that the mortar on your exterior walls is falling apart, it’s a good idea to consider repointing it. Increasing the stability and performance of the brickwork, you can rest assured that your home remains safe. It will also make it look more visually appealing – a bonus if you’re thinking about selling your property in the near future.

Free From Graffiti

Graffiti can be a real inconvenience – especially when it’s on your property or place of work. So it’s important that you keep your brickwork free of it. Not only does spray paint look horrible, but it will also weaken your building’s layer of protection – opening it up to the elements. The longer it’s left, the more damage it does to the underlying material. 

So in order to maintain the look and structure of your brickwork, it’s vital that you look into graffiti removal services.

Brick Cleaning 

Just like stone cleaning, brick cleaning is essential if you want your brickwork to last. Effectively cleaning the surface, it disposes of any dirt/grit/moss and other materials so that your brickwork is kept nicer for longer. 

Using an array of methods, from wet blasting to grit blasting, JOS and TORC cleaning, your brickwork will be transformed so that it looks brand new again.

Steam Cleaning 

A form of brick and stone cleaning, steam cleaning is a very effective method that will remove moss and other deposits from your brickwork. Perfect for those looking to maintain their brickwork in the long term, it utilises the latest technology to create an extraordinary effect.

Replace Lintels 

In any brick building, lintels will need to be replaced from time to time. Steel or horizontal beams which run above your door or window, it ensures that the structural integrity of the building is maintained. 

Over the years, bricks will start to deteriorate due to the elements – so to guarantee that it’s well-kept, you might need to replace a window lintel.

Fill Any Cracks of Holes

If you notice any cracks or holes – whether it’s in your exterior wall, patio or driveway, it’s a good idea to fill it. A hole or crack can not only put your building’s integrity at risk, but can also pose a safety risk when it comes to people walking on your drive/driving onto it (an issue we will discuss further below).

Why it’s Important To Maintain Your Brickwork

Not only is it important in the sense that it will keep the brickwork looking good for longer, but it will ensure that it’s safe. You don’t want to put you or your loved ones at risk because of faulty brickwork. 

You want to make sure that all of your walls are sealed correctly, any holes are filled in your driveway and that the brickwork isn’t compromised in any way. Holes or cracks in bricks on your driveway could cause people to trip over or cars to have punctured wheels if they drive onto it too quickly. 

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Everyone wants a well-maintained and aesthetically-pleasing driveway. The first thing that visitors see, there’s nothing better than a clean drive. But how do you revitalise your driveway and ensure that it’s kept looking pristine throughout the year? We’ve got you covered – here are the top ways that you can keep your drive in a good condition so that it’s beautiful, safe and immaculate for longer:

Brick and Stone Cleaning

Brick cleaning or stone cleaning is a great way to get your drive back to the way that it once looked. Using state-of-the-art equipment and first-rate techniques, your drive will look brand new.

Getting rid of the built-in dirt and grit, this process reveals the alluring natural colours of brick and stone by removing particles from the grooves and fissures.

Brick and stone cleaning can be done with one of the following methods:

  • Wet Blasting
  • Grit Blasting
  • High Pressure Washing
  • JOS and TORC Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning

Another key method that you can use to keep your drive in good condition is steam cleaning. Undertaken by a professional, this specialist approach is used to remove oil, moss and other deposits (such as fungi) from your drive. Combining the high pressure equipment with heated water, it’s an effective method that’s ideal for cleaning brickwork.

Killing the bacteria, it prevents it from coming back in the future. Minimising the risk of damage, it’s favoured amongst many that prefer a fuss-free method over using harsh chemicals on their drive.

Fill any Cracks and Holes

As well as cleaning your driveway, spend some time examining it for any cracks or holes. To fill these, you can use a material such as caulk. Ensuring that your driveway is not only beautiful but also safe for drivers, it’s a way of maintaining it in the long term.

You should also reseal it when you can – preventing any dirt or grit to get through the gaps.

General Maintenance

As well as the above, you want to ensure you are treating your drive with care throughout the year. Taking time to remove any weeds/moss as it appears, you’ll have a nicer drive for longer.

You also want to make sure that you’re minimising the amount of water that’s on it – clearing edges around it so that water has a runoff area and protecting it by moving any downspouts away from it. This will reduce the chances of it penetrating and destroying the surface.

Why You Should Keep a Well Maintained Driveway

A Safe Driveway

Keeping a well-maintained drive isn’t just about the look of it. You will also want to keep it clear from debris or dirt so that it lasts for years to come. A drive that’s in good condition will be safer; a damaged drive can be a very serious safety concern.

If it’s riddled with cracks or holes, it can cause people to fall over and hurt themselves or cars to have punctured wheels. A moss-ridden driveway also poses a concern when it comes to vehicle safety as it could cause a car to lose traction.

Increased Home Value

Going back to the aesthetics of it, it’s important to know that the way that your drive looks could affect the value of your home. When it comes time to sell your house, you want to ensure that the potential homeowner is impressed from the moment that they arrive after all.

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Everyone wants a durable and visually-attractive pavement – whether it’s on your driveway or pathway. A key feature that visitors pay attention to the moment that they arrive at your office or home, you want to ensure that it’s clean and well-maintained throughout the year. Why you might ask? Well leaves, water or dirt on the paving can pose a number of issues for it.

Below, we’ll explore why it’s important to maintain your paving, along with what could happen if you don’t.

The Importance of Leaf Clearance

Not only could leaves stain the paving, affecting the overall look of it, but it also creates a safety risk. Even though these leaves might look aesthetically appealing when they fall in autumn, they are extremely slippery – putting you and your guests at risk when they walk on it.

When it rains and water builds up with the leaves, it will also affect the performance of the paving in the long term. In the UK, rain is almost a given. So once you notice a buildup of water and leaves, it’s essential that you have it cleared as soon as possible to prevent any flooding.

The Damage of Dirt/Moss

Similarly, any dirt or moss that’s left on the paving will pose a safety risk and affect the durability of your paving. Getting into the cracks, it’s wear and tear that should be maintained throughout the year. Without doing so, your paving will only last for a short period of time before it begins to deteriorate.

How To Maintain Your Paving

So how do you maintain your paving so that it’s better for longer? Below are some of the main methods that you could use to guarantee that your paving is durable and beautiful for many years to come:

Brick and Stone Cleaning

Along with brushing your leaves away with a broom, you could invest in brick and stone cleaning services. Using effective, high-quality equipment and techniques, it will clean your paving. From JOS and TORC cleaning to wet blasting and grit blasting, it’s a method that won’t cause damage to your pavement.

Steam Cleaning

Alongside brick and stone cleaning, for paving, you could also opt for steam cleaning. An effective way of removing dirt from grooves, it uses a cutting-edge machine to convert water into steam. Eco-friendly, it’s an ideal option that will eradicate any damaging grime from your driveway or path.

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Cleaning brickwork and stone effectively can be tough, particularly if you’re relying on over-the-counter equipment and materials. Whilst home-use pressure washers are often used for path cleaning, for example, they don’t provide the same level of cleaning as industrial-grade equipment.

Cleaning brick and stone by yourself may seem like a straightforward prospect but it quickly becomes complicated. Firstly, you could inadvertently affect the appearance of your brickwork or stonework due to the incorrect use of equipment or materials. In addition, using the wrong materials could cause structural damage which is costly to repair. Finally, restoring stonework and brickwork via cleaning can be a long process when it’s done manually. Without the use of professional equipment, you could spend weeks struggling to clean brickwork effectively and still be left with limited results.

By using professional brick cleaning services, however, you can ensure your property, pathways and driveways are well-maintained and properly cleaned. With the right combination of specialist equipment and materials, technicians can determine exactly which stone cleaning methods are appropriate and utilise them accordingly.

Steam cleaning

Combining high-pressure washing with superheated water, steam cleaning is effective on many materials. Perfect for cleaning brickwork, steam cleaning is capable of removing fungi, moss and algae in seconds. In addition, the steam is effective at killing the spores which typically cause moss and other biological matter to recur.

Whilst steam cleaning can be used alongside high-pressure washing, it can also be used in isolation. On more delicate surfaces, the use of steam cleaning minimises the risk of damage occurring and negates the need for harsh chemicals and abrasive materials.

Wet Blasting

Designed for use in public spaces, such as parks, schools and shopping malls, wet blasting is a great option for stone cleaning. Using an appropriate amount of abrasive grit, technicians will blast away even stubborn stains, marks and contaminants.

A major advantage of wet blasting is the dust-free environment it creates. Unlike some other cleaning methods, wet blasting won’t kick up dust and dirt. When you need to clean well-used spaces, such as open parks or pedestrianised areas, wet blasting is a safe and effective way to do it.

Grit Blasting

When performed professionally, grit blasting can successfully clean and smooth stone and brickwork. By combining abrasive materials with high pressure, contaminants are removed from the receiving surface.

Whilst grit blasting is extremely effective, it should only be carried out by trained technicians. There are various abrasive materials which can be used to achieve effective grit blasting but the exact material used will depend on the area which is being cleaned. Sand, silicon carbide, emery particles, alumina and even walnut shells are viable options for grit blasting but their usage will always be dependent on the type of material you wish to clean.

As well as being used for brick cleaning, grit blasting is routinely used to prepare surfaces prior to further work being carried out. Metal may be grit blasted before being welded, for example, as it is an effective and efficient way to remove remnants of paint or rust. Similarly, grit blasting a surface prior to painting can smooth the surface and facilitate better adhesion and results.

JOS and TORC Cleaning

The JOS and TORC cleaning systems typically offer stone cleaning at much lower pressures than other methods. Whilst still delivering a fantastic finish, JOS and TORC cleaning is a gentler form of cleaning. Combining low-pressure air, water and a fine aggregate, JOS and TORC cleaning systems are capable of cleaning more delicate areas without causing any damage at all.

Perfect for use on listed buildings, historic properties and detailed stonemasonry, JOS and TORC cleaning options are effective on almost any surface. As well as delivering great results of stone and brickwork, JOS and TORC systems can also remove sulphates and oxidation from metals, including copper, brass and bronze.

With a high level of versatility and gentle application, specialist technicians can use JOS and TORC cleaning systems in a variety of environments.

Effective Brick and Stone Cleaning

Whether you want to enhance your patio, clean your path, clear your driveway or revitalise your property, there’s a cleaning method to suit your needs. With specialist brick cleaning, stone cleaning and path cleaning, you can ensure that the most appropriate methods are used to remove stains, contaminants, grease, biological matter, graffiti, bitumen and dirt from any surface.

To find out more or to arrange brick and stone cleaning for your property, contact Token Cleaning now on 01279 422752 or 07860 233343.