Dirty Streets Impact Our Living Environment

POSTED BY Terry Carney ON April 27, 2022

Over 3 in 5 consumers will avoid a shop if it is dirty. Dirty streets impact everything from our living environment to how we feel about a commercial space. As a business or property owner, you can change the perception of the surrounding area by investing in commercial cleaning. Here’s how dirty streets impact our living environment, and how commercial cleaning can improve the perception of your local area.

Negative Perception Of A Business

Graffiti can lead many consumers to have a negative perception of an area or business. The person walking by might connect that business to criminal activity and even avoid that unit in future. Customers may also feel less secure when entering your place of business, especially as graffiti is a sign that someone has engaged in criminal activity near your place of work. While it’s not the business owner’s fault there is graffiti, they can stop it impacting their business by investing in graffiti removal services.  


Cleaner Spaces Show You Care About Customers

Basic cleaning services like chewing gum removal and pressure washing pavements outside your premises can really show your customers that you care. Dirty outdoor spaces can give the impression that you don’t care about your clients or your business. Taking the time to clean outdoor spaces can make you seem like a credible and reputable company. It can encourage brand loyalty and increased business from customers. From one cost-effective investment in commercial cleaning services, you will see the rewards in repeat business from customers into the future.

Your Local Area Matters

How we feel about where we live matters. Graffiti, chewing gum and litter all around our local public areas can make us feel negatively about where we grow up, raise our families and even the businesses we visit. As business owners, we can make our customers feel good about the area they live in by helping them keep their outdoor spaces clean. Businesses that invest into the local community may find themselves gaining a positive business reputation as a result.

Price Decreases Affect Everyone

You may think that one piece of graffiti has minimal impact. But as rubbish, dirt and grime build up gradually over a local area, it can have a lasting impact on everyone. You may see property prices decrease, or price drops of items in the local area to entice customers. Even the smallest increase in rubbish over time can significantly impact our living environment. Keep competition strong and pricing high with a simple investment in local cleaning services.


Dirty streets impact our living environment. One bit of graffiti can permanently class a business as a place to avoid. Yet clean spaces have the opposite effect – it shows that you care about your local area, and the people that live there. Over time, rubbish and dirt can impact how much you can charge for your goods or services. Invest in commercial cleaning services to keep your streets clean. Talk to Token Cleaning Services today for more advice on looking after your local area.