It sounds obvious, but most home and business owners forget to keep their windows clean. Many people think it is a waste of time, especially when there are other things to be getting on with, but there are many reasons why window cleaning is important:

Clean Windows Stop Your Glass Degrading

Hard water causes a build-up of debris on your windows. Although small, these dirt particles will enter the pores of the glass, which will contaminate and corrode the windows over time, showing up as light scratches or tiny cracks. This can mean that the glass is changed on a structural level and may need replacing. Whether running a business or keeping a clean home, if you live near a motorway or busy road, any sort of dirt can cause minor corrosion to your windows. These hard minerals and chippings thrown into the air can easily damage the window further if the structure has already been compromised due to a lack of cleaning. By cleaning your windows, you will ensure the longevity of them. 

It Stops Bad Air Quality

If you let dirt particles build up on your windows and windowsills, this can reduce your property/ building’s air quality. If mould sticks to your window, it can pose a threat to your health over time. Long-term exposure to mould can lead to issues with your lungs, and this is where commercial window cleaning can elevate the property/building.  

It Improves The Look Of Your Property

Everyone wants a great looking space. Clean windows are a shortcut to making your home stand out. Commercial and industrial window cleaning makes the job quick and easy. And for residential property owners, cleanliness can improve the curb appeal, and therefore the value of the home. 

It Improves The View

Such a simple thing, but if your windows are dirty, it’s likely that natural light and colour is not making its way in, which can be quite depressing! Whatever the view is outside, having a clear and transparent window will make all the difference.

How We Can Help

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Traditional window cleaning usually means a ladder and a sponge, but our methods have improved for optimum results. Window cleaners used to be up and down the ladders constantly, but as we use a water-fed pole system, we can get the job done with minimal interruption to your life. A water-fed pole system, where water is pumped up long telescopic poles to the cleaning brushes at the top, easily scrubs and rinses away dirt. It is a far safer option than traditional window cleaning, ensuring safety practices are kept. As water-fed pole systems can be used in nearly all weathers, there is no need for ladders and guarantees that the job is done. As water-fed pole systems work with purified water, and removes accumulated dust and grime from the window, this leaves a soft and clean finish. 

Here at Token Cleaning, we can assist you with all of your window cleaning needs. Get in touch today and we would be happy to answer any questions and get your windows shining.