Steam Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning is an incredibly effective way of removing dirt from soft materials and hard surfaces and is suitable for a wide range of cleaning purposes.

Steam cleaning machines work by converting water stored inside the system into steam.

patio steam cleaner
patio steam cleaner

Steam Cleaning Services

Steam is used on its own or mixed with safe chemicals and released through the system's valve. This has the ability to loosen dirt, disinfect surfaces, remove stains and eliminate foreign contaminants.

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patio steam cleaner

Steam Cleaning for Hard Surfaces

If you’re looking to get a really deep clean on your hard floor surface, then steam cleaning is one of your best options. Ideal for removing heavy soiling, dirt and grime from hard services that pose challenges with hard to reach grooves, brick and stone surfaces with uneven hard surfaces.

Steam cleaning is a great solution where you need to clean large surface areas such as driveways and patios. In such areas steam cleaning is the ideal choice for addressing the removal of moss, algae and other organic matter and will restore such areas to a newly new status. In fact even chewing gum, stubborn stains and graffiti can all be removed with steam cleaning.


patio steam cleaner

Steam Cleaning Results

Steam cleaning is a fast and highly cost-effective way to restore paving and stone. This is the ideal option where a non-abrasive approach is required for your stone or paving cleaning.

You can see from the image shown the difference that professional steam cleaning can make – in this case to a worn and tired area of small paving blocks.

Our experienced team will survey your area that requires cleaning and advise on the best approach to cleaning your patio, stone or paving.

Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning Services

We only use environmentally-friendly detergents in our steam cleaning machines. Non-toxic, perfume-free and hypo-allergenic solutions are available.

Our experienced personnel know exactly which chemicals can be used on certain fabrics. When using chemicals with steam cleaning, we always carry out spot tests. This ensures the surface is suitable for the mix we are using and there will be no problems with marking or bleaching, particularly on more sensitive fabrics.

roof cleaning

Professional Steam Cleaning Company

With over 60 years of cleaning experience, you can be assured that you are working with a highly experienced team and accredited steam cleaning company.

Working throughout the South East with both commercial and domestic customers Token Cleaning Services offers you an extensive range of steam cleaning options.

Our site survey will ensure you have the correct cleaning method applied to your project to achieve the results you seek at the best price possible.

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