Patio Cleaning Services

Our patio cleaning service is carried out by our fully trained and accredited patio cleaning team. Following our site survey, we will decide on the best solution for your patio based on the current conditions and the build-up of debris, algae, moss, weeds and other factors. You can be assured that your patio will be cleaned using the latest commercial cleaning machines, processes and environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals. Our vans are fitted with the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions to tackle any patio in any location.

patio cleaning services
patio cleaning

Patio Cleaning

There are various methods we use for our patio cleaning

Here is a breakdown of our patio cleaning service

patio cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Our professional patio cleaning service uses the most efficient and up-to-date methods and equipment to bring you an outstanding patio cleaning service.

Depending on the severity of your patio cleaning needs, our expert team will decide on the best approach to cleaning your patio. Our patio cleaning options include low-pressure steam cleaning, high-pressure jet washing and chemical applications.

As an accredited cleaning services provider you will be in safe hands at all times and guaranteed only the best service and outstanding results for the best prices available.

patio cleaning

Patio Cleaning Results

Every patio is different, the build-up of debris, algae, moss, dirt and damage will vary based on location and how long the patio has been down.

Our site survey will evaluate the best patio cleaning method for your patio. We always endeavour to return your patio to the best finish we can and resolve any issue you have with the final cleaned result.

The before and after picture is indicative of the patio results achievable.

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Professional Patio Cleaning

Here at Token Cleaning Services, we have over 50 years experience in offering cleaning services to both domestic and commercial customers. We understand our customer’s needs and the best solutions to bring your patio back to life.

We offer a range of options for patio cleaning methods that include steam cleaning, high-pressure and low-pressure jet washing and cleaning chemicals that are environmentally friendly.

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