Stone Sealing & Protection Services

Our stone sealing and protection service creates an impenetrable barrier against surface contaminants. This will increase the lifespan of your stone and concrete services and enable easier and less costly stone cleaning in the long term.

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Stone Sealing & Protection

Stone and Concrete sealing protects against permanent damage to stone and concrete surfaces. The sealing process forms an impenetrable but breathable barrier against surface contaminants without affecting the surface colour.

This process makes ongoing cleaning of stone and concrete surfaces a simple task with stains and markings removed much easier than when there is no sealing.

Pollution, oil, grime, bird droppings, algae, chewing gum, graffiti and other surface contaminants will no longer be an issue or require expensive remedies to remove.

Stone Sealing & Protection Explained

Stone sealing and protection using an active component that is highly hydrophobic and effectively forms an impenetrable barrier that is breathable but protects against contaminants.

The sealing does not affect the original colour of the stone it is applied to and creates a barrier that makes basic cleaning operations easier such as general stain removal.

The big advantage of sealing stone is that pollution, oil, grime, bird droppings, algae, chewing gum, graffiti and many other surface contaminants are no longer problematic or costly to remove.

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Professional Stone Sealing & Protection Service

With over 50 years of cleaning experience, you can be assured that you are working with a highly experienced team and accredited business.

Working throughout the South East with both commercial and domestic customers, Token Cleaning Services offers you an outstanding stone sealing and protection service.

Our site survey will ensure you have the correct sealing method applied to your project to achieve the results you seek at the best price possible.

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