Brick Paint Removal Service

Brick paint removal allows us to remove paint from the surface of the brick without creating any damage and takes you back to the original brick finish of your property.


Brick Paint Removal

Our highly experienced team can remove paint from most exterior surfaces

Here is a breakdown of our brick paint removal service

Brick Paint Removal

Brick paint removal requires experience and a team that is qualified and trained in the process of paint removal from bricks. Our team has many years of experience in removing paint from bricks and other types of exterior services.

Our paint removal experts are able to remove paint without damaging the surface painted. The cleaning process can take fully painted bricks back to their original brick surface.

This process will remove the paint that has been applied and restore the original brickwork as per the original brick finish to your property.

Paint Stripping Bricks

How We Remove Paint From Brickwork

Our team only uses the latest equipment to remove paint from brickwork and other exterior services. They are fully trained and the business is accredited with the latest accreditations in the industry.

The removal or stripping of paint from brickwork uses our steam cleaning equipment for removing paint from bricks. The process is non-abrasive and causes zero damage to the brickwork or pointing.

The heat and pressure level is adjusted to suit the removal of different paints. The paint starts to soften and break down, allowing it to be removed at low pressure without damaging the original brickwork or substrate.

Professional Brick Paint Removal Service

With over 50 years of cleaning experience, you can be assured that you are working with a highly experienced team with up-to-date accreditations.

Working throughout the South East with both commercial and domestic customers Token Cleaning Services offers you a professional brick paint removal and stripping service.

Our site survey will ensure that your property has the correct brick paint removal service and the best price available.

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