Brick, Stone & Render Cleaning

We use a variety of brick and stone cleaning methods to effectively clean all types of surfaces without causing damage. Before commencing, we carry out site surveys to establish which method will be successful.

stone cleaning services
stone cleaning services

Brick, Stone & Render Cleaning

There are various methods we use in our brick and stone cleaning work.

Here is a breakdown of the brick, stone and render cleaning options we provide

stone cleaning services

Steam Cleaning/High-Pressure Washing

Steam cleaning provides you with a cleaning process that operates at incredibly high temperatures and reaches organic matter deep down in the surface being cleaned. This process is ideal for a deeper long-term clean that kills bacteria.

High-Pressure Jet Washing is a very effective way to clean larger areas of brick and stone. It’s an excellent solution for a fast clean-up and for improving the appearance of brick and stone work in a quick time frame. Our pressure washing team is fully trained and accredited so you can have peace of mind that you are in accredited ‘Safe Contractor’ hands.

stone cleaning services

JOS TORC Cleaning

The JOS TORC cleaning system enables us to provide the safe removal of pollutant accumulation on building exteriors. This system is ideal for use on heritage and listed buildings. Using a mixture of fine inert powder and water that are propelled through specialised interchangeable nozzles, creates a gentle flow of water for cleaning the surface.

This is ideal for the removal of dirt, carbon, scale, graffiti, fungus, algae and in some cases, certain paints from any surface without damaging the substrate.

patio steam cleaner

Brick, Stone & Render Cleaning Results

Our site survey will enable us to decide on the best approach for your brick, stone or render cleaning requirements. Amazing results can be achieved when the right combination of modern cleaning equipment and chemicals is applied.

The image shows a concrete sitting bench that had become dark and worn looking following the impact of weathering and pollution. You can see that the bench now looks as good as the day it was laid there.

When done correctly, brick, stone and render cleaning offers fast results at affordable prices.

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Over 50 Years of Cleaning Experience

With over 50 years of brick, stone and render cleaning experience, you can be assured that you are working with a highly experienced team and accredited business.

Working throughout the South East with both commercial and domestic customers Token Cleaning Services offers you an extensive range of brick, stone and render cleaning options.

Our site survey will ensure you have the correct cleaning method applied to your project to achieve the results you seek at the best price possible.

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