Blocked drains can be a nightmare. When drains aren’t working properly, it’s not long before property damage can occur. As an example, sinks, toilets and showers can easily overflow and this can cause a significant amount of damage to the interior of the building.

How drains can become blocked?

There are a number of reasons for blocked drains . The most common is incorrect use! Pouring fats, grease and oils down drains or flushing wet wipes, nappies and other materials down the toilet will cause your drains to block.

External drainage stack pipes can become blocked with debris. Token Cleaning recently unblocked stack pipes to a six storey building. The rainwater stack pipes required mechanical cleaning and high pressure jetting of cast pipes which ran internally and externally.

Token Cleaning Drain Cleaning

Token cleaning Draining Cleaning


Tree roots can block drains and cause many problems. Whilst they aren’t usually the cause of the damage to the drain in the first place, they will access damaged or leaking drains that are left vulnerable to tree root intrusion. It’s unusual if tree roots affect watertight drains.


Tree Root Drain blockage

Tree Root drain blockage


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