Graffiti can cause damage to delicate or decorated surfaces. Possibly giving the appearance of being run down, even threatening, it could put visitors or potential customers off.

All is not lost though because all types of graffiti from spray paints, marker pens and acrylic paints can be removed from porous and non-porous surfaces such as concrete, stone, brick, wood, plastic and glass and others. Token Cleaning  has proven techniques which combine high-pressure jet washing, warm water and non-hazardous chemicals. Even the most challenging graffiti can be removed whilst avoiding underlying surface damage and resulting repair.

A ghost mark or shadow will still be visible on the surface once the graffiti has been removed. Token Cleaning can also erase ghost marks once the first stages of our graffiti removal services are completed

Examples of before and after Graffiti removal by Token Cleaning

Graffiti was removed by chemicals from the galvanised roller shutter at T M Lewin in Bishopsgate London

In Horsham, graffiti was removed by chemical cleaning and steam pressure washing to an underpass for Berkeley homes.

Token Cleaning graffiti removal

Anti-Graffiti Protection and Pavement Sealing

To offer further protection, an anti-graffiti protective coating and pavement sealing can be applied to protect surfaces from graffiti, gum and other contaminating substances. It limits environmental damage and if graffiti appears again, it can be easily removed with hot water or gentle chemical solutions.

Token Cleaning’s permanent and sacrificial coatings can be used on painted surfaces, brick, metal as well as all other porous or non-porous surfaces.

We also provide specialist invisible pavement sealing services to provide protection and a barrier on even the most porous surfaces from chewing gum, grease and other contaminants.

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