Brick and Stone Cleaning

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Token Cleaning Services deliver a friendly and professional service provided by our own highly-trained cleaners at competitive prices.

Brick and stone is subjected to the build-up of grit and dirt, which becomes embedded into fissures and grooves. Pressure washing and jetting techniques strengthen structures, and reveal the beautiful natural colours of underlying brick and stone by removing particles from patios, pavements, driveways, walls and other solid surfaces.

All work is fully insured.

Brick and Stone Cleaning Methods

We use a variety of brick and stone cleaning methods to effectively clean all types of surfaces without causing damage. Before commencing, we carry out site surveys to establish which method will be successful.

These are some of the various methods we use in our brick and stone cleaning work:

Wet Blasting

Wet blasting uses water and an abrasive mix to blast away stubborn particles. Ideal for when brick and stone cleaning services are required in open spaces such as public parks, shopping centres and schools, it creates a dust free and healthier environment.

Grit Blasting

Traditional grit blasting methods work by forcing abrasive materials at high pressure against a brick or stone surface. Abrasive blasting is used to smooth and clean surfaces. We use a range of abrasive grit blasting materials and it will depend on the brick and stone surface being cleaned as to which type is used.

Steam Cleaning/High Pressure Washing

Steam washing is a specialist brick and stone cleaning method used to remove moss, gum, oil and other deposits. Trained operatives can adjust the temperature of the steam to carry out brick and stone cleaning safely.

JOS and TORC Cleaning

This gentle cleaning method combines water, low pressure and safer fine aggregates to remove grit, paint, graffiti and unwanted dirt. These methods are ideal for brick and stone cleaning on older, heritage or listed buildings.

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