Cleaning brickwork, stone, and render effectively can be tricky, particularly if you’re relying on over-the-counter equipment and materials. Whilst home-use pressure washers are often used for path cleaning, for example, they don’t provide the same level of cleaning as industrial-grade equipment.

Cleaning brick, stone, and render by yourself may seem like a straightforward prospect but it quickly becomes complicated. Firstly, you could inadvertently affect the appearance of your brickwork or stonework due to the incorrect use of equipment or materials. In addition, using the wrong materials could cause structural damage which is costly to repair. Finally, restoring stonework and brickwork via cleaning can be a long process when it’s done manually. Without the use of professional equipment, you could spend weeks struggling to clean brickwork effectively and still be left with limited results.

By using professional brick-and-stone cleaning services, however, you can ensure your property, pathways, and driveways are well-maintained and properly cleaned. With the right combination of specialist equipment and materials, technicians can determine which stone cleaning methods are appropriate and utilize them accordingly.

Steam cleaning

Combining high-pressure washing with superheated water, steam cleaning is effective on many materials. Perfect for cleaning brickwork, steam cleaning is capable of removing fungi, moss, and algae in seconds. In addition, the steam is effective at killing the spores which typically cause moss and other biological matter to recur.

Whilst steam cleaning can be used alongside high-pressure washing, it can also be used in isolation. On more delicate surfaces, the use of steam cleaning minimizes the risk of damage occurring and negates the need for harsh chemicals and abrasive materials.

Wet Blasting

Designed for use in public spaces, such as parks, schools, and shopping malls, wet blasting is a great option for stone cleaning. Using an appropriate amount of abrasive grit, technicians will blast away even stubborn stains, marks, and contaminants.

A major advantage of wet blasting is the dust-free environment it creates. Unlike some other cleaning methods, wet blasting won’t kick up dust and dirt. When you need to clean well-used spaces, such as open parks or pedestrianized areas, wet blasting is a safe and effective way to do it.

Grit Blasting

When performed professionally, grit blasting can successfully clean and smooth stone and brickwork. By combining abrasive materials with high pressure, contaminants are removed from the receiving surface.

Whilst grit blasting is extremely effective, it should only be carried out by trained technicians. There are various abrasive materials that can be used to achieve effective grit blasting but the exact material used will depend on the area which is being cleaned. Sand, silicon carbide, emery particles, alumina and even walnut shells are viable options for grit blasting but their usage will always be dependent on the type of material you wish to clean.

As well as being used for brick cleaning, grit blasting is routinely used to prepare surfaces prior to further work being carried out. Metal may be grit blasted before being welded, for example, as it is an effective and efficient way to remove remnants of paint or rust. Similarly, grit blasting a surface prior to painting can smooth the surface and facilitate better adhesion and results.

JOS and TORC Cleaning

The JOS and TORC cleaning systems typically offer stone cleaning at much lower pressures than other methods. Whilst still delivering a fantastic finish, JOS and TORC cleaning is a gentler form of cleaning. Combining low-pressure air, water and a fine aggregate, JOS, and TORC cleaning systems can clean more delicate areas without causing any damage.

Perfect for use on listed buildings, historic properties, and detailed stonemasonry, JOS, and TORC cleaning options are effective on almost any surface. As well as delivering great results in stone and brickwork, JOS and TORC systems can also remove sulphates and oxidation from metals, including copper, brass, and bronze.

With a high level of versatility and gentle application, specialist technicians can use JOS and TORC cleaning systems in a variety of environments.

Effective Brick, Stone, and Render Cleaning

Whether you want to enhance your patio, clean your path, clear your driveway, or revitalize your property, there’s a cleaning method to suit your needs. With specialist brick cleaning, stone cleaning, and path cleaning, you can ensure that the most appropriate methods are used to remove stains, contaminants, grease, biological matter, graffiti, bitumen, and dirt from any surface.

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