When a sewer line backs up into your home, it causes damage to your property and jeopardizes the health and well-being of your family. If this happens, you will need some professional assistance to resolve the issue quickly. Token Cleaning Services use modern CCTV drain survey or technology to inspect drainage systems where there is a complicated blockage or problem. However, there are many ways you can avoid sewage backup with sensible practices in the home.

Damaged Pipes

Damaged pipes are a common cause of sewage backup in the home. There are many reasons why a pipe might be damaged, everything from cold weather to faulty installation. The trouble is you never know if your pipes might be damaged.

If your home experiences a sewage backup, it’s time to have your pipes checked by professionals. This is one of the first checks to be carried out in the process of elimination. While pipe damage is a common cause of sewage backup, it isn’t the only cause.

Sewer Clogs

It’s all too easy to toss waste into the toilet, but a toilet and your pipes are not designed to handle things like plastic and hygiene products. When these items get into the pipes, they block them and cause more debris to build up.

The toilet is not another garbage disposal unit; it’s only designed to handle human waste and toilet paper, both of which are biodegradable. Therefore, when you start to put other items down the toilet, there’s a high risk that your pipes will clog, and your home will experience sewage backup.

Hygiene Products

One of the worst things you can put down your toilet is hygiene products such as cotton buds. Unfortunately, this is very common because cotton buds are used in the bathroom, and putting them in the toilet is the most convenient way to dispose of them.

Unlike toilet paper, cotton buds won’t dissolve. On the contrary, the cotton expands when it’s exposed to water. When cotton buds expand in your pipes, they cause other debris to build up and back up your sewage. In addition, it can be expensive and time-consuming to resolve.

Grease Pouring

There are different theories about grease in pipes. Some people think it’s fine to pour grease down the sinkhole as long as it goes down with boiling water. But this is a myth. Once in the pipes, the water, and grease cool and starts to clog it up.

Grease sticks to your pipes and eventually blocks them up a bit like cholesterol in your arteries. Over time the grease buildup reduces the water flow and affects the water pressure. To resolve the issue, you will have to call a professional plumber.

Tree Roots

Another common cause of sewage backup is tree roots that seek out the water supply. The roots find small cracks in the pipes and grow into them; once inside, they have a plentiful supply of water and fertilizer that makes them grow quickly, bursting your pipes.

Once again, you will have to call a professional to determine if tree roots are causing your sewage backup. This is not an issue you can resolve by yourself; you might have to relocate the tree and install new pipes.

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