Wondering how to clean block paving? We all know that everyone wants durable and visually-attractive pavement – whether it’s on your driveway or pathway. A key feature that visitors pay attention to the moment that they arrive at your office or home, you want to ensure that it’s clean and well-maintained throughout the year. Why you might ask? Well, leaves, water, or dirt on the paving can pose a number of issues for it.

Below, we’ll explore why it’s important to maintain your paving along with what could happen if you don’t.

The Importance of Leaf Clearance

Not only could leaves stain the paving, affecting the overall look of it, but it also creates a safety risk. Even though these leaves might look aesthetically appealing when they fall in autumn, they are extremely slippery – putting you and your guests at risk when they walk on them.

When it rains and water builds up with the leaves, it will also affect the performance of the paving in the long term. In the UK, rain is almost a given. So once you notice a buildup of water and leaves, it’s essential that you have it cleared as soon as possible to prevent any flooding.

The Damage of Dirt/Moss

Similarly, any dirt or moss that’s left on the paving will pose a safety risk and affect the durability of your paving. Getting into the cracks, it’s wear and tear that should be maintained throughout the year. Without doing so, your paving will only last for a short period of time before it begins to deteriorate.

How To Maintain Your Paving

So how to clean block paving so that it’s better for longer? Below are some of the main methods that you could use to guarantee that your paving is durable and beautiful for many years to come:

Brick and Stone Cleaning

Along with brushing your leaves away with a broom, you could invest in brick-and-stone cleaning services. Using effective, high-quality equipment and techniques, will clean your paving. From JOS and TORC cleaning to wet blasting and grit blasting, it’s a method that won’t cause damage to your pavement.

Steam Cleaning

Alongside brick and stone cleaning, for paving, you could also opt for steam cleaning. An effective way of removing dirt from grooves, it uses a cutting-edge machine to convert water into steam. Eco-friendly, it’s an ideal option that will eradicate any damaging grime from your driveway or path.

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