Whether it’s your home or your business premises, we all  know the importance of proper cleaning especially in the current climate. Keeping the place clean and tidy not only makes it more visually inviting, it also ensures that everyone under your roof gets to stay safe and healthy. Nonetheless, as comprehensive as your approach to cleanliness may be, there may be some things that you miss in keeping your home or business spotless. Not everyone realises the importance of keeping their drains clean. But when there are funky odours that can’t be explained, or water takes forever to drain from the sink and bath it can be extremely unpleasant. Not to mention a potential health liability and a bad look for your home or business.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of ensuring that your drains are cleaned regularly…

Blocked drains can quickly become a nightmare

The trouble with blocked drains is that they quickly get worse the more people use them. The longer they are left unattended, the more matter they can attract and the causes of blockages will have to be removed. If it’s being washed down the sink or flushed  down the toilet, you probably don’t want to come into contact with it ever again. The faster you act, the less of a problem you can expect from blocked drains. Cleaning your drains regularly prevents unpleasant problems before they happen.

Keeps the place smelling clean and fresh

Unpleasant odours can prevent you from being able to relax at home. What’s more, they can drive customers and clients away for your business premises faster than you can say “sulphurous pong”! When little particles of food and other items get washed down the drain they can get stuck and start to decompose. This creates a pungent odour that can be very difficult to mask. If you think it’s going to go away on its own, think again.

Regular cleaning keeps nasty stuff in the sewers where it belongs.

Keeps your pipes in tip top shape

When pipes get blocked regularly, they’re unable to drain the way they’re supposed to. As such, poorly maintained pipes can get damaged or even burst. This can make for a very messy and expensive repair.

Regular cleaning keeps your pipes running smoothly.

Keeps everyone healthy and safe

When drains keep getting clogged they can back up. This causes water from the sewer to be leaked into your home or business. Needless to say, this can have serious implications for the health of everyone under your roof, and leave your business legally vulnerable.

We’re here to help!

While some baking soda and vinegar, boiling water or a plunger are often used to keep drains clean, there’s nothing that compares to a specialist’s touch. Token Cleaning Services is a premier cleaning company with a fully-equipped fleet of vehicles, and a team available 24/7. We can promptly provide professional cleaning services that include brick and stone cleaning, drain cleaninggraffiti removal, steam cleaning and window cleaning services for commercial, industrial and domestic clients as required.

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