Within the professional cleaning industry, the selection of the most suitable technology is paramount to achieving optimal results. Token Cleaning Services prioritises remaining at the forefront of our field, and a key element of this commitment is the utilisation of JOS TORC cleaning – a revolutionary system that delivers exceptional outcomes while maintaining a focus on safety and environmental sustainability.

What is JOS TORC Cleaning?

TORC stands for “Tornado Oscillating Rotary Cleaning.” While that might sound complex, the concept is simple. Imagine a gentle, swirling vortex of water, air, and a very fine abrasive. This unique combination effectively removes dirt, grime, and other contaminants without the harshness of traditional pressure washing or sandblasting.

The JOS TORC cleaning system enables us to provide the safe removal of pollutant accumulation on building exteriors. This system is ideal for use on heritage and listed buildings.

Using a mixture of fine inert powder and water that are propelled through specialised interchangeable nozzles, creates a gentle flow of water for cleaning the surface.

This is ideal for the removal of dirt, carbon, scale, graffiti, fungus, algae and in some cases, certain paints from any surface without damaging the substrate.

Here are some key benefits of JOS TORC cleaning:

  • Safe for delicate surfaces: Historic buildings, intricate stonework, and sensitive materials demand a careful touch. TORC excels in these situations, minimising the risk of damage.
  • Environmentally friendly: TORC uses minimal water and often eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, making it a responsible choice for both indoor and outdoor cleaning projects.
  • Effective in removing a variety of contaminants: From atmospheric pollution to paint and graffiti, TORC tackles a wide range of cleaning challenges.

Why We Choose JOS TORC

At Token Cleaning, we don’t just settle for “good enough.” We demand the best for our clients, and TORC consistently delivers:

  • Superior Results: TORC achieves a level of clean that outshines many traditional methods, restoring surfaces to near-original condition.
  • Surface Preservation: Whether it’s cleaning a century-old monument or a modern facade, TORC protects the integrity of the material it cleans. No pitting, etching, or unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Versatility: Stone, brick, metal, concrete – the list of surfaces TORC can handle is impressive. This versatility means we can offer this exceptional solution for a vast range of projects.

Client Satisfaction

Our clients are consistently amazed by the results TORC delivers. We’ve had the pleasure of restoring everything from cherished family heirlooms to large-scale public monuments. Often, clients are surprised that such a gentle method can be so profoundly effective. Here’s what one of our recent clients had to say:

Testimonial: “Our building’s facade was covered in years of grime and pollution. We were hesitant to have it cleaned for fear of causing damage. Token Cleaning exceeded our expectations! The building looks brand new, and we’re confident that the cleaning process won’t lead to future problems.”


TORC’s precision and effectiveness save us time and resources. On many projects, we can complete the cleaning faster than we could with traditional methods. This efficiency translates to cost savings for our clients, as we’re able to complete even complex cleaning tasks within a competitive timeframe. Additionally, TORC’s focus on surface preservation reduces the need for frequent cleanings, ultimately saving our clients money over the long run.


Safety is a top priority for us, both for our team and the environment. JOS TORC cleaning promotes a safer work environment in several ways:

  • Reduced airborne particles: Unlike sandblasting, TORC generates minimal dust, protecting our operators from inhaling potentially harmful substances.
  • No harsh chemicals: In many cases, TORC eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, reducing exposure risks and environmental impact.
  • Controlled pressure: TORC operators fine-tune the cleaning power, ensuring safe cleaning on a wide range of materials without risking damage.


While TORC initially may seem like a higher-tech investment, the long-term benefits make it a smart financial choice:

  • Longevity: Cleaning with TORC extends the lifespan of various surfaces by reducing the need for harsh cleaning methods that can cause gradual deterioration.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Buildings and structures cleaned with TORC often remain cleaner for longer, decreasing the frequency of future cleanings and associated costs.
  • Versatility = Savings: TORC’s ability to tackle diverse cleaning projects means investing in one system rather than multiple specialised ones.

The Science Behind TORC

TORC’s effectiveness lies in its ability to customise the cleaning process:

  • Adjustable parameters: Operators control water pressure, abrasive type, and nozzle distance to match the exact material and level of contamination being addressed.
  • Minimal water usage: TORC is remarkably water-efficient compared to pressure washing, protecting delicate surfaces and conserving this valuable resource.
  • Specialised abrasives: Different cleaning scenarios call for different abrasives. TORC operators use various ultra-fine materials, ensuring optimal cleaning without damaging the surface.

TORC vs. Traditional Methods

Let’s look at where TORC outshines common cleaning methods:

  • Sandblasting Comparison: Sandblasting, while powerful, can be extremely abrasive, damaging softer stone, metals, and even brick. TORC offers a controlled alternative, particularly for delicate or intricate surfaces.
  • Chemical Cleaning Comparison: Harsh chemicals are often used to remove paint, graffiti, and other stubborn contaminants. TORC provides a mechanical cleaning solution, frequently reducing or eliminating reliance on potentially harmful chemicals


At Token Cleaning, we believe in investing in the best technology to provide our clients with exceptional results. JOS TORC cleaning exemplifies our commitment to innovation, safety, and unparalleled service. If you’re searching for a cleaning solution that is powerful yet gentle, environmentally conscious, and focused on preserving the beauty of your property, JOS TORC cleaning is the clear choice.

Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Discover how JOS TORC cleaning can transform your building, monument, or other precious surfaces. Visit our website to learn more about our full range of cleaning services.