How bad are your roots? If you haven’t managed to get to the hairdresser or barbers since the start of lockdown, the chances are they need a bit of attention by now! But that’s not the kind of roots we’re referring to here in this article. Here, we’re more concerned about tree roots and the effects they can have on your drainage system, foundations, driveway, and patios. Read on to find out more about this common issue.

They Affect Your Plumbing

If you start to notice issues with your water pressure or running water you might have a blockage somewhere in the pipes. Occasionally this is caused by tree roots that invade the plumbing pipes outside.

Tree roots won’t break pipes open but they will take full advantage of cracked pipes. The roots are naturally attracted to the water source. Once inside they grow rapidly and quickly block up the water pipes. You will have to contact a professional drainage cleaner.

Pavements, Patios, and Driveways

Do you look out the window of your home and see some tree roots upending your driveway slabs? This is a common problem with tree roots since they look for water close to the surface of soil. Compacted soil beneath pavements is often a helpful environment for them.

The best solution is to have the tree removed. This will prevent the problem recurring. But if you want to keep the tree there are other options. Contact a professional arborist and have the tree roots cut back.

Your Home’s Foundation

It’s a common misconception that tree roots are responsible for damaging your home’s foundation. It’s true that tree roots can grow into existing cracks in pipes but it’s rare that they will cause structural damage to a home.

If you live in a particularly dry area you might find that tree roots cause instability to the soil as they consume any moisture in the area, but it’s still unlikely they will cause any lasting damage. If your home has shallow foundations and you’re concerned about the roots, it’s best to have things tree removed.

Your Outside Drains

Your outside drains are responsible for filtering grey water away from your home into the stage system where it is treated before being returned to the ground water or water supply. If these drains are blocked it can lead to localised floods and plumbing issues.

One of the ways these drains are blocked is by tree roots that seek out the water supply. They grow into cracks and fissures in the drainage system and turn your drains into a tree root labyrinth. To avoid or fix this problem contact a drain cleaning service like Token Cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Service

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