No one really wants to think about drains and what can be found in them, but whether we like it or not, drains are a necessary evil of modern living with tales of unfortunate hazards including:

  • Poo
  • Pets
  • Fatbergs

But all too often, proper drain maintenance and safety is overlooked and as such can become the stuff of nightmares.

That Which Shall not be Mentioned

Let’s just get this out of the way and address the brown elephant in the room. When we think of drains most of us will automatically think of the worst thing we put down them. Yes, our poo! 

Toilet and drain systems take care of our dailies in an extremely quick and efficient manner, but if toilet drains aren’t cleaned properly they can wreak havoc on a property or even an entire neighbourhood but human waste isn’t the main cause of drain blockages. 

Plastic-based items such as baby wipes are the main culprit of drain blockage as one family horrifically found out. This is one steam cleaning operation for the books but one where the process is definitely warranted.

What goes up must come down, but what goes down should definitely stay down so it’s all about knowing what you can flush.

Has Anyone Seen the Dog?

We’ve all heard of the kids’ first goldfish being flushed down the toilet after meeting an untimely demise, but many urban legends exist about strange and exotic animals being found in drains. 

One urban legend from New York City tells the story of a baby alligator being flushed and then flourishing the sewers of the metropolis. Perhaps this is where the idea for the Mutant Ninja Turtles came from.

While there isn’t much truth to the alligator in the sewer tale, some other animals have indeed been found in drains either by flushing or becoming stuck. 

One sad story centres around one woman’s emotional ordeal after being ordered to flush her emotional support hamster down the loo while on an airline flight.

In February 2018, a beloved Cocker Spaniel became stuck in a drainpipe after venturing too far and spent three days through the ordeal while emergency services world tirelessly to save the pooch. The dog was eventually rescued with no injury but was said to be “dazed and confused”. 

Local cats had no comment but are said to be indifferent when asked about the dog’s foray.

There’s Something Down There

Education on what you should and shouldn’t put down the toilet or indeed your drainage system is still a big part of society. A lot of people seemingly still don’t know what is safe to dispose of in the drainage system. 

This has led to one of the largest stone cleaning operations in the drainage industry as most people still pour used cooking oil directly into the drainpipes. This is neither advised nor is it safe. Not only can the oil or fat solidify in your pipes, causing a local blockage, but should it reach the main drainage system, can contribute to solidified deposits of oil and fat known as a “fatberg”.

These hulking masses of congealed fats from properties are causing havoc in sewer systems all over the world and costing nations in the tens of millions to clean up, with dedicated fat cleaners working around the clock while local graffiti removal teams look on with empathy.

On an additional and disgusting note, many other items get caught in the fatberg formation such as used baby nappies, feminine hygiene products and contraceptives. 

Think about that the next time you empty the chip fryer.

The Solution 

If your toilet is clogged with too much toilet paper, you can simply use a plunger to clear the blockage. However, if your drainage system is blocked, you will need the help of a professional. At Token Cleaning Services, we offer a top-quality drain unblocking service. We will investigate your blockage and provide a speedy solution using our industry-leading equipment. 

In the case of an emergency call out, Token Cleaning Services are available 24/7. We are accredited by Acclaim and Construction Line, with a team that work to the highest standards only. As well as drain unblocking, we offer a deep drain cleaning service, which can help to remove silt, grease, and scale from your pipes. Contact us today for more information about our drain cleaning and drain unblocking services.