Do you ever wonder what happens when you flush the toilet or pour stuff down the sink? Well, you might have heard of fatbergs and everything you put down your drains can contribute to making one!

Fatbergs are huge masses of fat, grease, and un-flushable products that have combined together to create an iceberg-like size mass that ends up blocking the sewer systems below us. Pretty disgusting, right?

Well, there’s plenty of fascinating fatberg facts worth knowing to hopefully make you think twice about what you put down the drain next time!

How Do They Form?

Fatbergs are considered a modern phenomenon as more of us tend to be unaware of the damage that can be caused by daily habits. Whether you’re guilty of flushing down your used tampons or pouring bacon grease down the kitchen sink, it all ends up in the sewer systems, and that can be problematic.

Fatbergs are formed due to the combination of debris, including human waste, fat, and grease, that all congeals and combines together to form one big mass. Anything else that’s not meant to be down there, such as wet wipes, cotton balls, and sanitary pads, also become fused to it.

It’s not something that any of us would want to deal with ourselves, but unfortunately, some poor soul has to. And usually, it’s the responsibility of a local drain cleaning service provider.

Recent Fatberg News

A huge fatberg formed in London which weighed around 10-tonnes and was found beneath Cadogan Place in Belgravia. The engineers, who were responsible for clearing this mammoth fatberg and dug through 300m of silt and grease that held the 30m-long fatberg together, referred to it as being as heavy as an African Elephant! They blasted it with water jets, small tools and even their hands to help remove the blockage.

We won’t ever know the stench that this produced but we can only imagine, either way it’s one that’s likely to stay with you!

How to Help Avoid Future Fatbergs

Even though fatbergs are fascinating formations, we all need to do our part in making sure we avoid them in the future. The formation of fatbergs can really impact the health of our sewers and could cause a lot more problems if they become too much to handle and have disastrous outcomes. Token Cleaning is one of the companies out there that can help you avoid a huge build up with regular drain cleaning.

Remember, from now on be very wary of what you flush down the toilet – make sure that it’s only toilet paper and whatever business you’ve done!

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