The majority of people may not realise the importance of keep their roof clean. To be honest it’s not all about looks, there are more practical reasons to keep it clean too!

Anything that falls on your roof will rot and eventually damage it; for example – leaves, fruits, moss, lichen and even snow. Just like everything on the house that malfunctions without maintenance, so is our roof.

Aesthetically pleasing

  • Like anything, a cleaned roof will look amazing
  • It offers great kerb appeal
  • If you’re about to sell your property a neglected roof could have negative effects on value and would be less appealing to potential buyers

Damage Limitation

  • Tiles are a great food source for algae and moss – it will breed if left and will eat through causing rot
  • Potential for leaking, infestation of animals or insects

Internal Damage

  • Rotten, broken or chipped tiles will not protect your home underneath
  • It will allow moisture or leakage with the potential for mould growth within

Cleaning cheaper than replacing

  • There are several different methods that can be used in order to clean your roof
  • Cleaning a roof is a lot cheaper than a full or even partial roof replacement which of course is costly.
  • The longer you leave moss and algae on your roof, the more damage will be caused.

Here are some pictures from a recent roof cleaning job undertaken by Token Cleaning Services.

Here’s what we did:

  • Scraped off excess moss
  • Applied biocide cleaners
  • Rinsed down after
  • Applied biocide to roof and left to remove any lichen spores

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