Does your roof look old and worn out for its age?

Is it covered in algae, lichen or moss?

This is nature at its best causing problems for home and property owners all over the country. Unfortunately, over time, lichens and mosses make the roof look scruffy and if not treated with the appropriate cleaning methods you may run the risk of unnecessary damage such as broken tiles and leaks.

Why proper cleaning is so important

In the UK one of the most common materials used for roof tiles is concrete. The outside of the tile is grainy, and this part is exposed to the elements. Whilst it is designed to gradually wear away over a life span of up to 100 years, the use of an abrasive cleaning method such as high-powered jet washing could shorten the life of the tiles by prematurely stripping off the surface.

The drainage of water down the roof could be seriously affected by significant moss and lichen growth and this should be removed so that water does not find its way into the roof space.

How to remove moss and dirt from roof tiles

A professional cleaning company is a definite must. Having the right materials and equipment to ensure the work is done safely and to reduce the risk of damage to the roof is a priority. Steam cleaning is an incredibly effective way of removing dirt from both soft materials and hard surfaces. It has the ability to loosen dirt, disinfect surfaces, remove stains and eliminate foreign contaminants.

A great example of Roof Cleaning

Token Cleaning - Roof Cleaning

Roof before cleaning

Token Cleaning - Roof Cleaning

Results after cleaning by low pressure steam cleaning 

Cleaning of high and awkward parts of a building

Token Cleaning - Coping Stone cleaning

Before and after cleaning of coping stones to a penthouse apartment in Hammersmith. A Thermatech steam cleaning unit was used with a vacuum recovery unit to prevent water dropping below. 

Cleaning your roof tiles from time to time allows rainwater can drain away freely and it will create a new refreshed look for your property. So why not make your property stand out from the rest by having your roof gently steam cleaned. Call Token Cleaning today 01279 422752 or email