We use a variety of brick and stone cleaning methods to clean all types of surfaces without causing damage. We carry out site surveys before starting the work to establish which method is the most appropriate to ensure a successful outcome.

Finsbury Park Station

You can see how successful high pressure washing and steam cleaning can be from the project Token Cleaning carried out at Finsbury Park Station. The newly installed granite paving was chemically cleaned and steam pressure washed for Telford Homes on behalf of MAYLIM Ltd.

As you can see it was a colourful selection which cleaned up very well indeed!

Example of steam cleaning

Example of steam cleaning

Steam Cleaning and High Pressure Washing

If you need to remove stubborn deposits such as gum, oil or moss, steam washing is a specialist brick and stone cleaning method to be used. For safety, our trained operatives adjust the temperature to ensure no further damage occurs.

Why Steam Cleaning is so effective

Steam cleaning is a very effective way of removing dirt from a variety of surfaces.

The machines work by converting water into steam which is effective in its own right, or it is mixed with safe chemicals released through the system’s valve. Steaming removes stains, loosens dirt, disinfect surfaces and eliminates foreign contaminants.

Reaching grooves between stones, bricks or tiles, steam cleaning can effectively remove algae, moss and other organic matter which has built up there. Other substances such as chewing gum, graffiti or other stubborn stains can be removed.

Here are more Steam Cleaning and High Pressure Washing projects successfully completed by Token Cleaning.

Bishopsgate, London

Removal of render on paving was carried out by chemical cleaning and steam pressure washing. The pavements were also sealed to prevent staining.

Removal of stains carried out by chemical cleaning and steam pressure washing

Canary Wharf

The site pavement was chemically cleaned and steam pressure washed on behalf of MAYLIM Ltd.

Chemically cleaned and steam pressure washing at Canary Wharf

LSE, The Strand London

Newly installed granite paving at the London School of Economics was pressure washed to remove grout film. This restored them back to pristine condition and was completed on behalf of the main contractor.

Example of pressure washing

After steam cleaning and pressure washing  LSE The Strand

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